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                                                   DESIGN & BUILD
                                                       Exhibition/ Film & Tv/Theatre


Working with clients The Art Of Seeing can produce concept visuals helping them see a total package in 3D to their specific needs. A cost effective way of avoiding expensive and impractical designs. Exhibition stands can be complemented with the production of stand graphics.The Art Of Seeing can also undertake production of film, tv and theatre set design. Working with the art director or directly with clients to produce the finished design. Fun Furniture Collection is a range of specially designed furniture, born from the intregration of all these skills.

AEC Flatbed bed

Terence Conran exhibition stand

Terence Conran
Exhibition Stand

travel style exhibition stand

Travel Style
Exhibition Stand

skid 180 stage set

Skid 180
Stage Set

Bro9 film set

Bro 9
Film Set

Skid 180 stage set

Skid 180
Stage Set